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My passion has always been

helping people

Helping People

I'm obsessed with...


Tacos - They are versatile and perfect for any type of meal.

Harry Potter

House: Ravenclaw

Traits: intelligence, wisdom and wit - hence the perfect realtor.

The Office

You may hear me quote Michael Scott.


If I go missing, check a tropical island first.

Modern Living Room
IMG_0439 2.HEIC

I love my family & these are my dreams about life.

Born right outside Boston, my hardworking parents worked two jobs so they could have a down payment for their 9% interest home (How about that 2021 3%?) and I had the pleasure of living their for 25 years. When my husband, William and I got married, we moved to an apartment where we rented for 4 years. As our family grew with the addition of my daughter, Sophia, we knew we needed to upgrade and FAST. We dove into the housing market during the pandemic where it took us many months of patience to find our perfect home. Having this experience made me see the home buying experience from your perspective - it is not easy. But the outcome and that feeling of accomplishment is indescribable.

When I'm not selling houses, I love spending time with my family. We are a small hispanic family and when we get together - it's always a party. My goals are to champion the benefits of homeownership and to #FireYourLandlord. I also love to give back during my spare time. Having worked in cancer research for 10 years, I support Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund through fundraising.

I got into Real Estate because it is my passion to make people happy.
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